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SupplyTrak Compliance Management

Ensuring that all parts of your supply chain are in compliance with technical requirements

Comprehensive Feature Set

Store product, ingredient, and sub-ingredient information

  • Stores all compliance data in one place
  • Eliminates the need for disparate spreadsheets/docs/databases
  • More cost-effective than paper systems
  • Helps meet deadlines
  • Organizes the full supply chain
  • Helps build a non-GMO supply chain
  • Allows convenient “journaling” with technical evaluators

Easy to Use

Access all your product and ingredient information

  • Add new items any time
  • Add products while still in the R&D phase—a great advantage

Get Started in Just Minutes

Upload your information on easy to use screens

  • Enter ingredient info for each product only once, even if ingredient is used in multiple products
  • Upload label scans and required documents for approval

Intuitive Interface

Easily find and edit information

  1. Ingredient name
  2. Ingredient details
  3. Sub-category
  4. Dry weight
  5. Facility information

More SupplyTrak Features

  • Some compliance functions that pertain to the Non-GMO Project Standard’s requirements are pre-programmed into SupplyTrak
  • SupplyTrak determines whether certain minor- or micro-risk ingredients will be approved as compliant per current temporary waivers in the Standard
  • Validate Page feature ensures that info entered is complete
  • Robust security features and 256-bit data encryption

Download PDF White Paper: The Central Role of Information Management Software in a Non-GMO Verification Program

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