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Why FoodChain ID

As a technical administrator for the Non-GMO Project’s product verification program, FoodChain ID will work with you to earn the Non-GMO Project Verified label for your products, and expertly assist your entry into this fast-growing market.

Industry leadership

As the longest serving technical administrator for the Non-GMO Project’s product verification program, we understand every facet of non-GMO verification and can expedite even the most complex compliance challenges to make your product verifications efficient, cost-effective, and seamless.

Faster verifications

Benefit from fast-track programs such as the 30-day Guarantee for Low GMO-risk Products and expedited verifications to significantly speed up the time to market for your enrolled products. In our nine years working with the Non-GMO Project, we’ve helped to develop many industry best practices.

Transparent Pricing

FoodChain ID fees are among the industry’s most competitive and are based on a transparent, easy-to-understand pricing model. Since all FoodChain ID services are handled in-house, our clients never incur the cost or inconvenience of outsourcing or a need for contractors.

SupplyTrak cloud-based convenience

FoodChain ID’s secure, paperless SupplyTrak compliance management system  allows you to conveniently manage the process online. SupplyTrak, developed expressly for non-GMO verification, is used by manufacturers, ingredient suppliers and program enrollees.

Knowledgeable support

FoodChain ID evaluators and client services specialists are the most experienced experts in the field. They will answer your questions and troubleshoot all issues at every step of the verification process. Our expertise speeds up verification and will help you avoid costly missteps.

Discounted testing options

FoodChain ID customers are eligible for discounted testing from Genetic ID, our sister company in the Global ID Group. If testing is required for your product verification, your evaluator will discuss the process and options with you.

Add new products anytime

Easily add new products using FoodChain ID’s SupplyTrak cloud-based compliance management system, which stores all your product and ingredient information. For products that use the same ingredient, you only need enter that ingredient’s info once (rather than multiple times).

Certifications 'bundling'

Add organic, gluten-free and kosher certifications, as well as BRC and SQF food safety, to your Non-GMO Project verification by working with a FoodChain ID partner service provider in the Food Quality Alliance. Ask your client services team member about our partner services.

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