Why Choose FoodChain ID?

10 Reasons to Make FoodChain ID Your Technical Administrator

ngp-butterflyIf you’re enrolling products in the Non-GMO Project’s product verification program, you’ll benefit by working with an experienced technical administrator (TA) to assist you through the evaluation process, maximizing your time and budget on the path to obtaining use of the Project’s seal.

Why choose FoodChain ID as your technical administrator? Here are 10 reasons:

  1. Industry leading expertise—FoodChain ID has worked continuously with the Non-GMO Project since the Project’s founding in 2007, verifying over 80% of the non-GMO market in North America, working for thousands of companies of all sizes. The experts at FoodChain ID understand all aspects of the non-GMO compliance process, and will put that experience to work for you.
  2. Pricing—our fee structure is easy to understand, fully transparent, and highly competitive. All FoodChain ID services are handled in-house, so you will never incur cost of outsourcing (which may not be the case with other TAs who are not “one-stop shops”).
  3. SupplyTrak—as a FoodChain ID client, you’ll manage your verification process using our secure online application, SupplyTrak, a state-of-the-art paperless tool that will save you time and expense. SupplyTrak comes with full technical support.
  4. Free Estimate—learn all the details about your verification process from our experienced Client Specialist team and obtain a cost estimate for your product verifications, plus specialized guidance tailored to your company’s unique needs. The estimate is free and there’s no obligation to sign up.
  5. Optional Expedited Verifications—benefit from fast-track programs that speed up the time to verification — and to market — for your products. Learn how these valuable programs work.
  6. Add New Products Anytime—after enrolling your first product, easily add additional products at any time. It takes only a few clicks in your SupplyTrak account.
  7. Compliance and R&D Formulation Consulting—consult with FoodChain ID specialists early in the process to develop a plan for building a non-GMO-verified supply chain. Acquire valuable information that can reduce costs for your future product verifications.
  8. Discounts on Testing—if testing is required for your ingredients or products, as a FoodChain ID client you are eligible for discounts from Non-GMO Project-approved testing lab, Genetic ID, our sister company in the Global ID Group.
  9. Certification Bundling Options—inquire about adding organic, gluten-free and kosher certifications, as well as BRC and SQF food safety, working with FoodChain ID partner service providers.
  10. Time- and Cost-Saving Technical Expertise—benefit from the knowledge of our highly experienced technical evaluation team during every stage of the verification process. With FoodChain ID, you’ll work with the industry’s top technical and customer service teams.

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