USDA FSIS to Rethink Food Safety Policies

Amid frustration that salmonella infections have held steady at more than a million cases annually for the past two decades, the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is now rethinking how and where testing for contamination should be done. It was a topic of discussion at this month’s Consumer Federation of America’s 44th Annual National Food Policy Conference. Around 20% of foodborne salmonella illnesses are contributed to poultry consumption with the majority of these coming from chicken consumption. New leadership at FSIS intends to rethink food safety policies and perhaps expand the agency reach to include pre-harvesting through processing activities. The agency’s goal is to reduce salmonella infections by 25% by 2030. This will require more transparency and greater partnership throughout the food supply chain.

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Picture Credit Susanne Kuehne

Posted on 5 November 2021