USDA Announced ANPR on Labeling of Meat and Poultry Products Derived from Animal Cells

Earlier this month, the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) published an advance notice of proposed rulemaking (ANPR) to solicit comments and information on the labeling of meat and poultry products derived from animal cells. These comments will be used to help inform future labeling requirements for these products. This is an important step forward as full regulations evolve for these types of products. In 2019, USDA and FDA announced a formal agreement to jointly oversee the production of human food products made from cell culture technology to ensure these products are safe, unadulterated, and properly labeled. FDA and FSIS will also align on joint principles for appropriate labeling of cultured meat and poultry. The ANPR will engage stakeholders and provide a basis for future labeling requirements. Comments will be accepted until November 30.

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Picture Credit Susanne Kuehne

Posted on 24 September 2021