Genetic ID (Europe) announces Oregano Authenticity Test

Genetic ID (Europe) announces Oregano Authenticity Test

A recent study conducted by Professor Chris Elliott found that 25% of 78 samples of dried oregano purchased in the UK and Ireland contained ingredients other than oregano.  Most commonly olive and myrtle leaves were found in the samples. According to their study some samples contained 30 -70% of these other foreign botanic material. The tests have been conducted using mass spectrometry.

Genetic ID (Europe) is pleased to inform you that we offer a rapid and more cost effective Real Time PCR based semi-quantitative method for myrtle and olive detection in oregano.

In order to filter out samples that contain only adventitious traces from those with substantial amounts of foreign botanical materials, we are applying a reporting LOD of 1%.

If you wish your product to be tested with this method simply indicate “OreganoID” on our order form. As this assay is PCR based you can easily combine it with GMO or other species tests.

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