International Labelling

International Labelling Verification
Thinking of exporting your food products or looking to import into the UK market?

Exporting a new Food product to a new market can be an exciting experience; but getting it wrong can destroy a brand before the first sale is made.

Even exporting within European borders can sometimes be difficult, with labelling laws varying from country to country and many products also require prior approval before entry into the country is granted.

FoodChain’s team of international consultants can help to ensure that your product is compliant and right first time. Our consultants can provide you with key insight into both the legal and voluntary requirements of that country at the time of your enquiry. With quick turn arounds and experts based worldwide we’re sure you’ll find our Service essential.

From pack copy and label checks, to general information on food law provisions, FoodChain can help.

Please contact us on 0121 308 9130 or contact us via our website to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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