Food Labelling

Helping you ensure your Food Labels are compliant with current legislation
Food Labelling & Nutritional Tables

Food Labelling can be difficult and stressful as it often involves looking through a minefield of legislation and codes of practice to ensure your product labels comply with current food labelling legislation.

Our knowledgeable food law consultants have a wealth of knowledge and experience in putting legally compliant products to market. They will be able to answer your questions and offer advice on food labelling queries.

We have two services on offer that can assist you with your food labelling:

  • Full Food Labelling Compliance Service – ‘Compositional Review’ that will help ensure your product is legal before you make it. It will provide you with a “Pack Copy” document
    containing all the required information, ready to provide to your design agency to copy and paste the legal information into your label artwork
  • Food Labelling Check and Review Service – Service to review current food labels assessing whether the label contains non-compliant elements and whether changes are required.