Due Diligence Review

Helping you identify key legislation that applies to your business

There are a number of requirements of food law when operating in the food industry and it is not always easy to assess your organisation against them and have an impartial view when you are involved with the business every day.

The aim of a ‘Due Diligence Review’ is to provide you with an unbiased review to help you minimise risk to the business. It is an examination of the systems you have in place to establish whether or not the basic principles of due diligence are covered.

It involves an on-site visit from a qualified and experienced Enforcement Officer where they will assess and evaluate a number of factors such as Legislation, Specification, Supplier Controls, Process Controls, Documentation Retrieval and Complaints.

It will also include a review of relevant legislation, a vertical audit of a simulated legal failure – the Stress Test and a comprehensive report with recommendations of improvement.

FoodChain ID Due Diligence Review is all about understanding, testing and improving.