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FoodChain ID Technical Services UK specialises in providing practical professional legal, strategic and technical advice and training for the food industry tailored to your specific requirements.

The FoodChain ID Technical  Services UK office provides high quality training solutions to suit all areas of the food industry through its network of qualified and experienced consultants.

Our training courses are second to none, and are delivered by charismatic industry experts including our BRC (now BRCGS) Approved Training Professional.

Additionally, we own and operates inSYTE™ (Food and Ingredient Supply Chain Compliance platform), which facilitates the management of a transparent and traceable supply network.



An extensive and comprehensive training programme created suit individuals working in the food industry.

Food Law Advisory Service

A comprehensive consultancy ‘Top-up retainer’ service which provides businesses with legal and technical advice, which covers all of the areas that you may require assistance in.


global ingredient and product management platform that facilitates a transparent, traceable global supply network,where individual supply chains and specific ingredients can be traced from “Farm to Fork” and “Seed to Shelf” using inSYTE™’s cloud based online technology platform

​”Excellent, very knowledgeable, interesting, very understandable, some really good practical work, great details & sensible. Would definitely recommend!”

​- Muller Milk

“Very detailed, lots of examples and lots to take in. Answered lots of questions that I came with”

– ​Great Food

– Specialists in providing practical professional legal, strategic and technical advice

– A team of experienced and qualified Food Industry Professionals

– Expert advice and training to help you meet industry regulations and helping clients stay updated and in the know

– Part of FoodChain ID – the industry leader in transparency solutions

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