BRC Agents and Brokers (now BRCGS)

The final certification link in a transparent and traceable supply chain

The BRC Global Standard for Agents & Brokers completes the BRC family of food safety standards. It provides a food safety management system for importers, sales agents and food brokers. FoodChain ID Certification is one of the first Certification Bodies to offer the Standard, with FoodChain ID Certification being one of a limited number of BRC 5* rated certification bodies offering the standard in the UK.

Issue 2 Release

As you may be aware, the BRC re-issued the Global Standard for Agents and Brokers as Issue 2 in August 2017, with Issue 2 audits commencing on 1st February 2018. You are now expected to comply with the new requirements from this date unless advised of any clause exceptions.

All elements of the previous version have been maintained, with some clarification and additions and a significant refocus on the transparency of the supply chain being introduced.

The Standard is available to download as a free PDF from the BRC Bookshop.

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