FoodChain ID’s convenient way to gather ingredient information

The Standard Ingredient Form (SIF) was developed by FoodChain ID to assist clients in gathering information from ingredient suppliers to meet the needs of the product verification program. The SIF is a two-page paper form (also available in PDF) that enrollees provide to ingredient suppliers to fill out and return it to the enrollee. The enrollee then submits the SIF — along with any other SIFs from suppliers — to FoodChain ID as part of evaluation of the GMO risk of ingredients.

Q: Is using the Standard Ingredient Form an absolute requirement for enrollees?
A: It is not, but we highly recommended it as it can shorten your verification timeline. The alternative is providing stock documents (e.g., specification sheets, Certificates of Analysis, labels, etc.) that may or may not include all of the information necessary. The SIF form assures that we capture essential information.

Q: Who in the ingredient supplier company should fill out the Standard Ingredient Form?
A: An authorized representative or other qualified contact, often in the R&D or QA department.

Q: How does the form speed up verification?
A: If completed correctly, it gathers basic information — or all information, depending on the complexity of the ingredient — required for evaluation. In many cases, FoodChain ID can approve ingredients based on a completed SIF alone.

Q: How should the completed form be submitted to FoodChain ID?
A: Scan the completed form and upload it using SupplyTrak, where your technical evaluator can access and review it.

Q: What’s the best way to communicate with FoodChain ID for support on the form?
A: Use the journal feature of SupplyTrak to communicate any questions to your technical evaluator.

Q: What are the most common misuses or mistakes in filling out the SIF?
A: A common mistake occurs when a supplier forgets to sign the form or fill in its company name. Unsigned or incomplete forms unfortunately cannot be accepted. Another common mistake: Even though compound complex ingredients (such as vitamins) are usually listed as single ingredients, we require full disclosure of all raw materials, additives, and processing aids used in the production process.

Q: What if ingredients are sourced from multiple suppliers?
A: Use one form per supplier for each ingredient.

Q: Can you define “fermentation” as used on the form.
A: Fermentation is a process in which a microbial culture plays a role in the processing of an ingredient or sub-ingredient (i.e., substrate/media).

Q: How does fermentation relate to Non-GMO Project Verification?
A: GM cultures and enzymes are commonly used to breakdown or ferment ingredients. These are considered viable product inputs by the Non-GMO Project Standard and therefore must be disclosed and evaluated.

Q: Will using the SIF reduce the need for a lot of back-and-forth with my FoodChain ID technical evaluator?
A: Often that is the case. Completing the SIF is an excellent opportunity to provide complete material disclosure and set the stage for a more efficient process of demonstrating compliance.

We are continuously updating and improving the Standard Ingredient Form based on feedback from our clients. We invite your own feedback at any time.