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FoodChain ID Testing (Europe) GmbH: More than just a laboratory
More than 15 years of analytics experience make FoodChain ID Testing a world-renowned and reliable partner to the food and feed industry.

Continuous research and development, accurate analysis, and outstanding customer service coupled with our years of experience in food and feed testing, ensure that you and your company can rely on FoodChain ID Testing.

The product and service range of FoodChain ID Testing (Europe) GmbH currently includes:


Tailored, cost-effective analysis  strategies : Our experts determine the appropriate and cost-effective test scope specifically for your individual requirements and special sample types.

Confirmed competence:  Our laboratory is accredited according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 and participation in various international comparative laboratory tests (ring tests) regularly confirms our professional competence. Thus, analysis results of FoodChain ID Testing guarantee the highest degree of accuracy and reliability.

Extensive knowledge and expertise:  FoodChain ID Testing has many years of experience as a provider of analytical services to customers worldwide. Our well-trained team will help you to operate safely and successfully worldwide in a wide variety of difficult markets.

Personal and Friendly Customer Service:  No other laboratory may offer the combination of expertise, experience, knowledge, friendliness, and customer service you receive from FoodChain ID Testing.
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Genetic ID – New Site

You’ve reached the new Genetic ID NA Website.

Genetic ID is now FoodChain ID Testing. What we do hasn’t changed, only our name and our URL.

If you’ve bookmarked the site, please change it to

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