Non-GMO: Exploring Future Challenges

Soybean field
Summary of the course:

Join FoodChain ID Testing Services in Hamburg in March 2019 for the second part of their Non-GMO event, where they’ll be exploring new GMO technologies, gene engineering, labelling and policy requirements, the impact of GMO in the food & feed industry, and practical experience in converting to Non-GMO.

The event will answer those all important questions, such as how do they see the future of Non-GMOs? How can companies meet stakeholder demands in a crisis situation? And how does supply chain management help companies to prevent risks?

What will you gain by attending:

  • Technical knowledge and experience
  • An understanding of US and European requirements
  • An understanding of risk management and food fraud
  • Discover new trends in the sustainable supply chain
  • An excellent possibility for networking

Speakers will be available to answer your questions whilst providing expert information. Speakers include VLOG & Retailers as well as many other industry experts all over the supply chain.

Event date: 26th March 2019
Event location: Hamburg, Germany
Event capacity: N/A
Event Times: 26/03/2019 08:00 – 17:00
After Event: 26/03/2019 17:30 – 19:30
Cost:  € 330
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