HorizonScan™ Ingredient Risk Assessment Tool

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See what's threatening your food supply chain right now 

HorizonScan is tech-enabled power at your fingertips and Quarterly Reports are the tip of the iceberg. 

HorizonScan provides food safety professionals with a comprehensive, scientific basis for assessing supply chain risks. Developed by FeraScience, HorizonScan is a web-based information service with a suite of proprietary Risk Assessment and Supplier Check tools tracking current and historical global food fraud and contamination issues in near real time.

To see what’s threatening some of your key ingredients right now, complete the form to request a free HorizonScan demo and/or a trial subscription. We’ll show you how you can quickly identify:

  • Fraud vulnerabilities in your supply chain
  • Chemical, biological, and physical hazards
  • Supplier issues
  • Increasing and emerging threats

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“I can’t tell you how much I love using HorizonScan. It really saves me a lot of time and money. I truthfully can say that HorizonScan is like candy to a QA person! I’m so grateful that someone had the brains to put this very powerful tool together to help companies that do not have the resources to hire a large full blown QA team. Sure, there are other tools out there that I did research. HorizonScan was the only tool I could find that I could use for multiple purposes. The HorizonScan platform has everything I need in one place.”

Cindy Guerrero, Food Safety & Compliance, SQF Practitioner/PCQI,  Seco Spice Ltd. Co.

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