Advanced Food Labelling Compliance – Nutritional Tables, Marketing Claims & Marketing Law (Two Day Course)

Summary of the course:

FoodChain ID’s 2 day Advanced Food Labelling Compliance – Nutritional Tables, Marketing Claims & Marketing Law course covers the critical aspects of food labelling, as well as commercial labelling concerns and allergen awareness. During the course you will discover what your product label should include and to be able to clearly communicate this to a commercially driven market.

The FoodChain ID’s 2 day Advanced Food Labelling Compliance – Nutritional Tables, Marketing Claims & Marketing Law course is packed full of essential food labelling content, including the following topics:

–      Introduction to labelling regulations
–      Labelling regulations explained- including – European Commission Directives
–      Nutritional tables & nutritional table calculations
–      Quantitative ingredient declarations (QUID)
–      The Law- trademarks, governing bodies and food industry enforcement examples.
–      Energy values, for labels, websites & marketing material
–      The upcoming sugary drinks tax being imposed in 2018; plus guidance on achieving the 20% target sugar reduction with tips from Public Health England.
–      Food labelling in detail- presentation of information including fonts, colours and size restrictions.
–      What is Clean Label and how can it help to increase my brand equity?
–      Claims and ingredients- specific requirements on allowed levels of ingredients, nutrients, allergens and energy values to make marketing claims on labels and packaging.
–      Substantiating marketing, health and free-from claims to be valid and legal.
–      Preventing unwanted allergens- risk assessment tools & allergen process controls.

What you will gain: 

It’s easy to get lost in compliance requirements within the food industry. Our course helps to break down these requirements with expert guidance from our experienced tutor.

FoodChain ID’s course provides delegates with an insight into what claims they may be able to make in order to increase their brand’s equity. Delegates should have an increased confidence in complying to marketing laws when creating and designing product labels, as well as identifying the tools to increase their knowledge in controlling and preventing allergen contamination, and making free-from claims. Delegates will also be made aware of the governing bodies and key legislation in food labelling, along with key aspects of compliance to legislation on pack, including QUID, energy values and nutritional tables.

Who should attend: 

Our Advanced Food Labelling training course is beneficial to many within the food industry, however we especially recommend the course to Senior Technical/ Quality Managers as well as Business & Brand Owners, Product Managers, NPD Managers, Propositions Managers and those involved in Marketing and Product/Packaging design or development. This course would also be beneficial to those involved in food safety/ allergen segregation processes.

Breakdown of the days: 

–      Our Advanced Food Labelling training course is a two day course.
–      The course runs from 09:30am – 16:30pm on each of the two days.
​-      FoodChain ID Advanced Food Labelling Compliance Course Pack
–      Lunch is provided at no extra expense (please let us know any specific dietary requirements).
–      Regular breaks are provided.


​​”I learnt a lot on this two-day course & the trainer was always willing to answer questions”
​- Cofresh Snack Foods

​”Very informative definitely worthwhile for me”
​- Cambridge Weight Plan

​”Very detailed, lots of examples and lots to take in. Answered lots of questions that I came with”
– ​Great Food



Event date: 28th – 29th January 2019
Event location: Four Oaks House,West Midlands
Event capacity: 8
Event Begins: 28/01/2019 09:30
Event Ends: 29/01/2019 16:30
Cost: £575 + {VAT where applicable}
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