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Seeing food clearly
FoodChain ID Technical Services in the UK specialises in providing practical professional legal, strategic and technical advice and training for the food industry tailored to your specific requirements. Our training courses are second to none, and are delivered by charismatic industry experts.

We are specialists in providing practical professional legal, strategic and technical advice. We have a team of experienced and qualified Food Industry Professionals, who can provide your business with expert advice and training to help you meet industry regulations, helping clients stay updated and in the know.

Our service portfolio ranges from the provision of Food Law advice, UK, EU and overseas labelling reviews, to various training courses including but not limited to: Internal Auditing, HACCP, BRC Food Safety, BRC Agents & Brokers Standards and Food Labelling requirements.

Additionally, FoodChain ID Technical Services UK owns and operates inSYTE (the Food and Ingredient Supply Compliance platform), which facilitates the management of a transparent and traceable supply network.



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