Regulatory Limits by BCGlobal

Regulatory Limits by BCGlobal is a suite of regulatory intelligence services providing pesticide and veterinary drug MRLs, contaminant limits, and food additive regulations.

We have the solutions that fit your need:

Pesticide MRLs
Explore Maximum Residue Limits for over 1,100 pesticides on 920 commodities in over 150 markets to ensure your exports comply with foreign standards.

Veterinary Drugs
Explore our database of MRLs for over 400 veterinary drugs on all animal regulatory products to help ensure import-export compliance in all major export markets.

Contaminant Limits
Explore limits for over 90 contaminants on all regulated food and beverage commodities in over 100 markets.

Food Additive Database
Our food additive database is useful for food processors, ingredient manufacturers, importers/exporters, legislators and others when determining compliance with food safety and quality standards.

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