Qualifying Language for Next Generation Products

Currently meat, dairy and egg alternatives usually have some type of qualifying language such as plant-based meat, vegan eggs, or nut milk.  For the most part, these types of products mimic the real thing and are merely versions from alternate sources.  Even though much of this terminology is broadly accepted, there continues to be litigation to protect dairy and meat industry terminology and common definitions.  Highly innovative next generation products may not fit this type of description.  For example, what is the correct way to describe dairy products produced from soybeans?  How should it be labeled so that it doesn’t confuse consumers who have food allergies?  Does it make sense to call animal proteins produced in fermentation tanks from plant products animal-free meat?  Would the product then be considered vegan?  These questions are being raised in many markets with regulators lagging in creating the appropriate frameworks to address these questions.

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Picture Credit Susanne Kuehne

Posted on 16 September 2021