Novel Food : An aqueous ethanolic extract of Labisia pumila recognized as safe by EFSA

A new novel food application managed by Nutraveris/FoodChain ID recognized as safe by EFSA

The company Medika Natura Sdn. Bhd., based in Malaysia, has submitted a novel food application to request the authorization to put on the EU market an aqueous ethanolic extract of Labisia pumila (Trade name of the extract: SKF7®). This application, managed by Nutraveris, has been evaluated positively by EFSA.

The extract is a standardized extract of the dried whole plant of L. pumila. No safety concern were associated with the production process and the compositional data. The safety evaluation consisted into 5 genotoxicity studies (AMES tests, one in vitro chromosome aberration test, one in vivo mammalian micronucleus test and two in vitro micronucleus test), one 90-day and one chronic oral toxicity study. The application also included one human study.

EFSA recognized that the novel food is safe for a use in food supplements at a daily intake of 350 mg. The novel food has been demonstrated to have significant beneficial effect on weight management.

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