FoodChain ID Makes Verification Easy

Products displaying the Non-GMO Project label increased sales by 17.5% from 2019-20*. We’re sure that’s one of the reasons you’re interested in Non-GMO Project Verification. The “butterfly seal” is highly valued by consumers and retailers and is the most trusted of all "healthy for you" labels**. 

What you may not know is navigating the Standard can be tricky and time -consuming – unless you have a resource with the systems and technical know-how to make Non-GMO Project Verification easy.

Get Non-GMO Project Verified by the Leader in The Field

  • Dedicated on-boarding specialist provides consultative support
  • Our team has seen it all and provides your best chance for an accurate and speedy verification
  • Your verification is powered by SupplyTrak®, purpose built for Non-GMO Project Verification it manages supply chain data, tracks verification status and makes yearly renewals easy.

"FoodChain ID walked us through the verification process with expertise. They helped us develop systems for our unique program and were sensitive to our accelerated timeline."  Marc Walkin, Senior Associate Brand Manager, Barbara's and Alpen 

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*source - Non-GMO Project/SPINS data

**source - Consumer Reports