We are pleased to introduce Non-GMO Project participants and FoodChain ID clients to the Ingredient Tree, a powerful new tool that will assist you in submitting new ingredients while making the evaluation process simpler and easier to understand.

The following questions pertain to just a few of the scenarios addressed by the Ingredient Tree:

  • Will your verification process change if you use ingredients that are already Non-GMO Project Verified?
  • Will using “low GMO-risk” ingredients alter the evaluation process?
  • What if your products use animal-derived ingredients? What specific requirements will apply to their verification?
  • Which verification pathways are available for “high GMO-risk” ingredients?
  • What if your ingredients are already Certified Organic?

The Ingredient Tree answers all these questions and many more, delineating the documents and approvals necessary to achieve Non-GMO Project Verification for your products.

How the Ingredient Tree Works

The Ingredient Tree uses an interactive diagram to identify the evaluation pathway for all prospective ingredients. It streamlines and clarifies the evaluation process and will enhance your knowledge of Non-GMO Project verification requirements. The Ingredient Tree also includes helpful links to the FoodChain ID Document Library, a repository of documents necessary to meet the requirements of each respective pathway.

Where to Find the Ingredient Tree

FoodChain ID clients can access the Ingredient Tree by logging into SupplyTrak, FoodChain ID’s proprietary online Non-GMO supply chain management system. Simply select the Ingredient Tree document in the Info menu. Or, if you haven’t yet enrolled products with FoodChain ID, learn about Non-GMO Project verification and enroll now.




The FoodChain ID Document Library

The FoodChain ID Document Library is a central repository of forms and guidelines that must be completed in order to meet the requirements of the Non-GMO Project product verification program. Within the Document Library you will find documents pertaining to each evaluation pathway, along with an attendant description of each document’s scope and function. To access the Library, log into your SupplyTrak account and find Library under the Info menu. If you have questions or comments about the Library, please contact

The Standard Ingredient Form

One of the key forms available in the Document Library is the FoodChain ID Standard Ingredient Form (SIF). The SIF requests a baseline of required information which will assist our technical team in determining an ingredient’s evaluation pathway, and whether additional information or documentation will be required for verification.

All FoodChain ID clients are encouraged to use the Standard Ingredient Form for every new or updated ingredient submitted for evaluation. By doing so, you will streamline the evaluation process and may eliminate the need for additional documentation during the process.

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