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Benefits of Non-GMO Project Verification

Why enroll in Non-GMO Project verification and begin the product verification program? Here are 10 reasons to start today.

  1. Increase product sales. Revenues in the Non-GMO Project Verified market now top $16 billion per year. Products carrying the Non-GMO Project Verified Butterfly label often see an increase in sales.
  2. Elevate brand loyalty and consumer confidence. The Non-GMO Project Verified seal is the most trusted, meaningful standard for GMO avoidance available today.
  3. Meet the increasing demand for non-GMO ingredients and products. The market for non-GMO products has steadily grown since its inception, and has shown no signs of slowing.
  4. Bolster the power of other food safety certifications. Multiple, trusted certifications and seals are often perceived as a sign of increased quality by consumers.
  5. Show your company’s commitment to transparency. And, by sourcing already Verified ingredients, create a more efficient process and a speedier timeline for the verification of your future products.
  6. Comply with emerging industry, retail, and government regulations. Join industry leaders by positioning your products aligned with today’s emerging and sustaining trends.
  7. Have your products listed on the Non-GMO Project website. Products that have achieved Non-GMO Project Verified status can be displayed as clickable links on the Project’s highly trafficked website, routing visitors directly to your own site.
  8. FoodChain ID Clients: Benefit from the convenience of SupplyTrak. By choosing FoodChain ID as your technical administrator, you benefit from SupplyTrak, a paperless online compliance management system for efficiently managing Non-GMO Project verification.
  9. FoodChain ID Clients: Get discounted testing with Genetic ID, FoodChain ID’s sister company in the FoodChain ID. Testing may be required for some verifications. If this is the case, discounted rates are available at Genetic ID.
  10. Fulfill the need for greater transparency in the food chain, joining thousands of brands serving a fast-growing non-GMO market pointing at future consumer needs. Get Started Now

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