Non-GMO Project Standard Changes

Webinar for FoodChain ID Clients

The Non-GMO Project recently conducted an urgent standard revision and published The Non-GMO Project Standard v16.1 and The Non-GMO Project Program Rules and Procedures, Version 1.1. FoodChain ID is conducting a webinar for clients covering the new Standard Version 16.1 and Program Rules and Procedures Version 1.1. 

The following sections of the Standard were updated in the recent round of revisions:
  • Section 1 Introduction was altered to list all Program Documents. (The Non-GMO Project Standard, Non-GMO Project Program Rules and Procedures, Non-GMO Project Trademark Use Guide, and Non-GMO Project Trademark License and Program Participation Agreement.)
  • Products sold in Mexico are now eligible for verification under NGP Product Verification Program.
  • Section 2.2.3.e was altered to clarify the prohibition on goods derived from Synthetic Biology (as defined in Appendix A) and goods publicly represented as synthetic biology.
  • Section 6.5.2 was altered to further define competency for analysts conducting and interpreting immunological tests.
  • Section 6.5.3.a.i and Section 6.5.3.a.ii were updated to reflect changes to the interpretation of immunological test results.

Meet Our Presenter:

Anjali Gulati

Technical Services Director — FoodChain ID

Anjali Gulati, Technical Services Director at FoodChain ID, provides guidance to the industry on establishing compliance to the federal Bioengineered Food Disclosure standard as well as Non-GMO Verification and Certification Standards. She developed non-GMO review process guidelines for determining compliance to Non-GMO Verification using various compliance pathways including testing and supply chain documentation. She is active in training and standard revision processes and has assessed Non-GMO compliance for clients across every sector of the supply chain. With 21 years of professional experience, including founding director of a consulting firm, she has worked in areas of consulting, training and capacity building for companies, international organizations, non-profit organizations, government departments and other small target groups in the areas of Organic Farming, Bioresource Management, Biodynamic Technology, Business Incubation and Intellectual Property Rights Law.

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