FoodChain ID parent company, Global ID Group, named ‘Best of the Industry’

Nutritional Outlook, December 2014

Global ID Group: A pioneer in the world of non-GMO testing, certification, and education—

blog-Nutritional-Outlook-Logo-whiteBy Kimberly J. Decker. From Kenneth Ross’’s perspective, the 2014 Institute of Food Technologists’ Annual Meeting & Food Expo was something of a turning point in the saga surrounding genetic modification, or GM, technology. After all, IFT is the major gathering of food-industry players— who, as a rule, tend to be fairly sanguine about GM. That being the case, a keen interest in non-GM offerings had “been pretty invisible” in years past, says Ross, CEO of the Global ID Group (Fairfield, IA).

Not so this go-round. “I was really taken by surprise by how much visibility the non-GMO issue had” at the June show, he recalls. “There were booths all over with people advertising non-GMO ingredients, and sessions on research about public perceptions. So if people still wonder whether non-GMO is going mainstream within the food industry, I’d say the answer is, ‘‘Yes.”

That shift came in part thanks to the work of the Global ID Group. Read more