FoodChain ID Joins Premier Service Providers in Food Quality Alliance

Certifications, training, testing, and more available through partner services

blog-inspectorsQA staff and managers today face escalating time and resource demands in product testing, administering food safety and quality certifications, managing audits and inspections, and more. The pressures can be great. Is help available? The answer is yes!

FoodChain ID is pleased to announce its membership in the Food Quality Alliance (FQA), a consortium of industry leading independent service providers working together to provide an integrated source of more than 30 certification, testing, and training services.

As a client of FoodChain ID, you now have access to these FQA services offered at discounted prices (through combining services):

  • BRC, SQF, Global G.A.P., and ISO 22000 certifications and training
  • Organic and kosher certification
  • Food testing, including GMO, pathogen, allergen, authenticity, and speciation testing
  • Crisis and recall training and management
  • Ohne Gentechnik and Danube Soy certification (European Union only)
  • Gluten-free certification program

By bundling services through the Food Quality Alliance, you’ll receive:

  • Access to all partner services at highly competitive pricing
  • Time and cost savings due to consolidating inspections, because all FQA service providers cooperate to provide multi-service training to their inspectors
  • Assistance in the bid process
  • Bundling discounts, available when bundling two or more verification/certification programs (in addition to stacked audit advantages)

All Food Quality Alliance service providers are industry leaders

Members of the FQA include:

  • CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers), the leading organic certifier in the U.S. and a founding member of FQA, offering organic certification
  • OU Kosher, a division of the Orthodox Union and a founding member of the FQA, is the world’s leading provider of kosher certification
  • The Acheson Group, global experts in managing operational, regulatory and reputational risks for the food industry, offering crisis and recall training and management
  • CERT ID, a leading food safety certification body, offering the convenience of multiple food safety certification services (BRC, SQF, Global G.A.P., ISO 22000) and training programs, plus access to a new gluten-free certification program launching later this year
  • Genetic ID, a global leader in GMO testing, offering a broad portfolio of pathogen, allergen, authenticity, speciation, and GMO testing service
  • FoodChain ID, the recognized leader in Non-GMO Project (NGP) verification, helping companies earn the NGP seal for products sold in North America, or Ohne Gentechnik and Danube Soy certifications for products sold in the European UnionFor more information, please contact FQA Client Services Manager Susan Watterson at (641) 209-4601 or

For more information, contact FQA Client Services Manager Susan Watterson at (641) 209-4601 or