Client Success Story: Jackson’s Honest Chips

To: FoodChain ID
From: Scott and Megan Reamer, Owners, Jackson’s Honest
Subject: Thank you!

Scott, Megan and their children

Scott, Megan and their children

“Our efforts to bring the world the first organic, Non-GMO Project Verified tortilla chips cooked in organic coconut oil could never have been accomplished without our partners all along the value chain. The work done at FoodChain ID to ensure a sustainable genetic heritage in some of the most important crops in history is one of the most important tasks happening in the food chain right now, and we are proud to be small partners in the collective effort.

“Without your efforts, the farmers we buy corn from, the manufacturer we use, the retail partners we have, and ultimately the consumers who buy our chips wouldn’t have an opportunity to enjoy them. We want you to know how much we — as both producers and as parents — value your work. Thank you!”   Scott and Megan

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Based in Crested Butte, Colo., Jackson’s Honest is the world’s first producer of coconut oil potato chips and tortilla chips made with organic and heirloom potatoes, organic and heirloom corn, organic coconut oil, sea salt, and all natural non-GMO spices.

The husband and wife team, Megan and Scott Reamer, started out motivated by a passion for producing healthy, delicious snacks using ancestral cooking oils. For years they had been discouraged by the many snack foods fried in highly processed polyunsaturated vegetable oils. They tried an alternative: cooking potato chips using organic coconut oil, which Megan and Scott believe is a healthier and tastier fat than vegetable oil. The chips were great, and after a decade of making them for their family, the couple created Jackson’s Honest in the summer of 2012 to share their product with the world. Learn more at