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U.S. Hemp Authority® Certification Standard - Update for Version 3.0

You may be aware that the U.S. Hemp Authority Certification standard has been undergoing a revision. The final v. 3.0 was published on the U.S. Hemp Authority website on February 4th, 2021 and is being implemented.

Join members from the Technical Committee whose expertise was instrumental in revising the standard including making sure industry stakeholder comments were incorporated. 

Attendees will learn about the changes from v. 2.0 to v. 3.0 as well as the evolution of the standard from the beginning.

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Meet the Speakers:

Brett Goldman

Partner - OCan Group, LLC

Brett Goldman has more than a decade of public/private experience working in economic development, international trade, public affairs, politics and government relations, operations and business strategy. Upon joining a large KY based hemp producer in 2015, Brett’s federal/state lobbying experience drove some of the most important contributions to the nascent hemp industry’s federal legislative and regulatory developments. As the first significant federally legal participant in the emerging cannabinoid space, the combined company and industry stewardship benefited from Brett’s strategic initiatives with leadership at USDA’s AMS and RMA. This direct public and discreet private engagement with federal policymakers resulted in significant regulations and normalization of hemp as an agricultural commodity. The dramatic changes stemming from the 2014 Farm Bill provided the backdrop for an extensive and positive relationship between operational teams and regulators that caused legislators to have confidence in beginning the convergence of cannabis and the mainstream. Brett’s ability to blend his communications from all points of the emerging hemp production chain--especially growers--with mainstream supply chain quality needs resulted in the formation of the world's first hemp Self Regulatory Organization: the US Hemp Authority. Brett presently contributes as a member of the USHA Technical Committee. OCan Group now benefits from Brett’s vision and mission to create global access to cannabinoids. Brett is a firm believer of inclusivity in the cannabis industry through commerce and cooperation between rural and urban stakeholders. As federally legal cannabis evolves, the benefits will accrue at each part of the supply chain as gains in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices are felt. OCan Group’s holistic long view marries the existing CPG infrastructure through food, beverage, cosmetic, and supplement product supply chain growth. Ultimately, Brett and the team at OCan Group believe that domestic and international standards will demarcate the raw material and product flows according to regulatory and consumer acceptance as scaled, quality assured products begin to dominate the market.

Education: Fairleigh Dickinson University (BA, MA), IDC Herzliya (MA, Government and Strategy)

Industry Groups: US Hemp Roundtable, US Hemp Authority, Friends of Hemp, Hemp Feed Coalition, PA Hemp Steering Committee, NJ Cannabusiness Association

David Gould

Global Head, Sustainability Programs - FoodChain ID

David Gould is Global Head of Sustainability Programs for FoodChain ID. Gould has been instrumental in the establishment of the U.S. Hemp Authority® Standard and certification, as well as in the revision of the Standard to v 3.0. He is a food scientist by training with a degree in Life Sciences from MIT. He has been involved in the food and agriculture sector for the past 25 years and has worked on issues of genetic engineering and its effects on health and ecology since 1996. David was one of the originators of non-GMO standards and certification programs and has stayed closely involved in their development globally throughout their development. Working across a range of sustainability schemes, he has inspected and/or certified thousands of farms, processing facilities, and other value chain actors on 6 continents, and contributed to the formation of numerous standards and policies in addition to non-GMO, including organic, fair trade, fisheries, and non-food agriculture-based sectors. He has and continues to train and consult globally to the private sector and government agencies on sustainable development, quality assurance, policy reform, and stakeholder engagement. Prior to joining FoodChain ID at the beginning of 2019, David spent the previous 7 years as Senior Facilitator for IFOAM – Organics International, where he was instrumental in elaborating best practices in agriculture, its value chains, and the forward trajectory of the organic movement. He lives in Portland, Oregon, where he also spent various years as owner of a small food processing business and a permaculture farm.

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