Success in Ring Trials

FoodChain ID Testing participates in proficiency test programs (i.e., ring trials) offered by the organizations listed below and consistently scores in the top tier of all participating laboratories. One of the common indicators used to gauge the performance of a testing laboratory, is the z-score, which statistically reflects the difference between a participating laboratory’s result and the accepted consensus value. Therefore, a score of zero implies a perfect result.

Reviewing the z-scores in the attached examples of representative results from these ring trials, one can see that FoodChain ID Testing achieved lower z-scores than most participating laboratories. These examples also demonstrate that FoodChain ID Testing is able to obtain these results with a variety of sample matrices and GM events.

  • The Genetically Modified Material Analysis (GeMMA) Scheme (Central Science Laboratory [CSL], UK
  • The Lab Proficiency Program by the American Oil Chemists’ Society (AOCS), USA
  • The USDA/GIPSA Proficiency Program (United States Department of Agriculture, USA)
  • The GMO Proficiency Test Program (International Seed Testing Association [ISTA], Switzerland)
  • Canadian Grain Commission (GM Flax)