Digital PCR for GMO Testing

Digital PCR 

GMO quantification of highly processed products

GMO testing is often necessary in order to meet government regulations, contract specifications, or program requirements. In many cases, GMO detection by itself is not sufficient and measurement of the GMO content of the sample is necessary.

The current industry standard for GMO testing, Real-Time PCR, can provide quantitative GMO results for raw commodities, animal feed, and many processed products.  However, Real-Time PCR is sometimes unable to quantify GMO content in highly processed or multi-ingredient products.

FoodChain ID Testing offers an additional GMO testing option using Digital PCR, a highly sensitive testing technology, for highly processed products.  Digital PCR is more robust than Real-Time PCR and can often be used to provide a quantifiable GMO result for these types of products.  This can facilitate entry of your processed product into markets where GMO quantification is required.

FoodChain ID Testing was the first commercial laboratory in North America to offer PCR-based analysis of GMOs in food and agriculture and was the first A2LA accredited laboratory to receive ISO17025 accreditation for Digital PCR.

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