Global Monitoring of Food Safety Threats. Protect your supply chain

The globalization of ingredient sourcing has made it more challenging than ever to assure the safety, quality and traceability of your supply chain. And the stakes have never been higher – under FSMA regulations failure to implement an effective supply chain risk management program could subject food companies and their officers to significant liability and even criminal charges.

But how can you be sure you are focusing your resources on the most critical supply chain risks? The HorizonScan food safety management system monitors safety & integrity alerts worldwide, collecting data daily from over 110 food safety agencies and other reliable sources to deliver timely alerts on emerging food safety issues affecting over 550 commodities.

Supply chain risk management — at your fingertips

HorizonScan’s web-based food safety software displays the most important issues with pertinent, actionable facts. Use a computer or mobile device to search by commodity, country of origin, type of threat, supplier, date of event, and more. Set up automatic alerts for the commodities and issues most important to you. Keep your supply chain safe and your business running without interruption.

HorizonScan software screenshot
  1. Choose from over 550 commodities
  2. Advanced search capabilities
  3. Graphs, trends, data & analytics
  4. Identify high-risk suppliers
  5. Get latest news feeds
  6. View all new events from last 48 hours
  7. View Original Event reports

I’ve been a fan of the tool since our trial last year; the ability to set parameters on what you want reports on, and those you do not certainly saves a great deal of time. The ability to access many years of reports is also a very beneficial tool, and can help in making purchasing decisions.

Quality Assurance Manager, Supply Chain – Chipotle Mexican Grill – Jeremy Schneider

Developed by Industry Leaders

Fera logoHorizonScan was developed by top UK scientists at Fera, formerly the Food and Environment Research Agency. Fera has a 100+ year history as a scientific organization specializing in food and agriculture. Fera employs more than 350 scientists who publish hundreds of peer reviewed journal articles and participate in over 600 research projects per year.