If you are spending more than just a couple of minutes to identify ingredient risks and supplier issues, you probably didn’t know there is a better way!

We have learned in talking to food professionals like yourself, the gathering of data, reports and necessary information to do an ingredient risk assessment is incredibly time consuming.

Based on market research this is how most food safety professionals are identifying hazards in their food supply chain. Most food professionals fall into 1 or more of the above. The challenges:


  • Online searches will yield an unmanageable number of hits – where do you begin your analysis?
  • Databases such as the FDA’s, are incomplete in identifying global hazards from multiple regulatory bodies.
  • Can you rely on suppliers you’re tasked with monitoring.
  • Most database services (software) are limited in scope and may only do food fraud for example USP

What most don’t realize is that their risk assessments fall short, are not comprehensive, and in some cases inaccurate due to the source and quality of the data they have collected.

  • Researching via traditional means (Google:8.2million hits on Black pepper), single DB logons(FDA, CFIA, JMH, etc.) is time consuming, expensive (time = money), complex, and often incomplete. 
  • Incomplete or inaccurate assessments require additional (unplanned resources) time and money. (Time/redo/update) 
  • Exposure to unrecognized risks/threats.
  • Compliance / Non-conformities are sometimes missed.
  • Recalls are expensive and damaging to the brand – (express this in a new and different way) – emotional impact?

What you need is an integrated reporting solution that assembles and organizes data from various reputable sources, consistently, efficiently, with minimum effort and in near real time.


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