Our support services help you tell your transparency story

Build trust, and maintain brand loyalty

Telling the full story of how food is made is no longer unique to artisan brands or non-GMO products; it is an essential part of doing business to meet consumer expectations, build trust, and maintain brand loyalty.

We provides diversity in safety, quality and integrity solutions

FoodChain ID recognizes this growing industry need, which is why we developed a suite of technical services to provide diversity in safety, quality and integrity solutions for all food business types.

Our technical services include Non-GMO Project verification along with training and consultation to implement the standard for your products. We also offer technology solutions to help you achieve supply chain visibility, ensure accurate labeling, identify risk, and improve supply chain management. This includes HorizonScan, a comprehensive database of food hazards and fraud events and inSYTE™, a product and ingredient management platform that facilitates supply chain traceability and transparency.

Integrated and innovative solutions to meet today’s demands

FoodChain ID is the longest serving technical administrator of the Non-GMO Project and has verified more than 50,000 products worldwide. We are experts in supply chain management with unparalleled knowledge in non-GMO production methods, GMO testing, non-GMO verification, and global GMO labeling regulation.

FoodChain ID Solutions

“FoodChain ID is great because we not only obtained our BRC food safety certification for [product] and the Non-GMO Project butterfly seal, but we also got access to food safety threat monitoring and found a hazard in one ingredient that would have been costly had we not discovered it in time and taken action. The convenience of the whole spectrum of FoodChain ID services is what worked best for us.”

Melanie Marrow, Marketing Manager at FFH

Why Foodchain ID?
  1. Integrated food safety, quality and certification solutions
  2. Supply chain compliance management
  3. Single point of contact for multiple services
  4. Actionable market insights
  5. Industry leader in transparency solutions
  6. High levels of service reinforced by high levels of client retention