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Learn How to Address The National Bio-engineering Federal Disclosure Standard (NBFDS)

"Even food industry veterans are confused about how to comply with the National Bioengineering Food Disclosure (NBFDS) regulations.” notes David Gould,  Head of Global Sustainability Programs for FoodChain ID.  “With the release of the Non-GMO Project Standard Version 15, our ongoing monitoring of the development and implications of this new law has inspired this webinar to clarify options for legal compliance as well as market opportunities for non-GMO products.”

The webinar addresses:

  • How the introduction of the Non-GMO Project's Version 15 Standard considers the NBFDS
  • Whether Non-GMO Project Verification is a valid choice to comply with the NBFDS
  • And what other non-GMO labeling solutions are available 

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About the Speaker

David Gould

Global Head of Sustainability Programs - FoodChain ID

David Gould is Global Head of Sustainability Programs for FoodChain ID. He is a food scientist by training with a degree in Life Sciences from MIT. He has been involved in the food and agriculture sector for the past 25 years and has worked on issues of genetic engineering and its effects on health and ecology since 1996. David was one of the originators of nona-GMO standards and certification programs and has stayed closely involved in their development globally throughout their development. Working across a range of sustainability schemes, he has inspected and/or certified thousands of farms, processing facilities, and other value chain actors on 6 continents, and contributed to the formation of numerous standards and policies in addition to non-GMO, including organic, fair trade, fisheries, and non-food agriculture-based sectors. He has and continues to train and consult globally to the private sector and government agencies on sustainable development, quality assurance, policy reform, and stakeholder engagement. Prior to joining FoodChain ID at the beginning of 2019, David spent the previous 7 years as Senior Facilitator for IFOAM - Organics International, where he was instrumental in elaborating best practices in agriculture, its value chains, and the forward trajectory of the organic movement. He lives in Portland, Oregon, where he also spent various years as owner of a small food processing business and a permaculture farm.

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