How to Successfully Navigate Non-GMO Project Verification. What You Need to Know to Quickly and Easily Obtain the Butterfly Seal.

All products must pass the Product Verification Program (PVP)
The PVP is primarily a document-based review

Products are evaluated based on the requirements laid out in the Non-GMO Project Standard, the most rigorous of all non-GMO avoidance schemes.

What areas are covered in the “document review”?

The compliance process evaluates whether ingredients, products, and facilities comply with the Standard. If any aspect of your product is not in compliance with the Standard, the technical team at FoodChain ID will help identify compliant options.


Who performs the evaluations?

Highly experienced FoodChain ID technical evaluators with 30+ combined years of expertise in the field will work with you throughout the program. Nobody knows the Standard better than FoodChain ID’s experts.


There Are Three Steps to Obtain the Seal
  1. Enrollment – is when you’ll review and approve the cost estimate, sign the program agreements, and easily upload information into the SupplyTrak cloud-based portal.
  2. Technical Evaluation – you’ll upload your documents to SupplyTrak, our cloud-based portal. You will be asked to submit ingredient statements, information on your production facility, product labels, and other materials as needed. A technical evaluator will then review your information and documentation for compliance.
  3. Verification and Continued Compliance – once approved, you’ll receive your certificate and at annual renewal time, you will be notified of any necessary steps required to maintain compliance as verification is an annual process.
Testing and/or Facility Inspection May Be Required

To meet the Standard’s requirements your evaluator may request testing or a facility inspection (to meet the Standard’s requirements), they will walk you through the process and guide you in how to submit the required documentation.

How long will it take? You can obtain the seal in 30 days or less.

FoodChain ID’s average timeline for verifying products is 7 weeks, with a median average of 10 days. The vast majority of products can be verified in less than 30 days. You can significantly speed things up with expedited service (for an additional fee). Just let us know and we’ll send you the pricing.

What happens after you enroll?

Our on-boarding team will walk you through the Standard Ingredient Form (for reporting important details), the Verification Roadmap, and assist you with logging into and navigating your SupplyTrak account. You will then be connected with our Client Services team who will guide you the rest of the way.

We’ll send you convenient reminder emails to keep you posted.

You’ll receive emails along the way detailing all the actions you’ll need to take in the PVP.

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