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Nutraveris Online Data Solution: How to Quickly Obtain

Dietary Supplement Regulatory Compliance Information

While navigating the regulatory landscape is often complex and very time consuming, it is quick and easy when using Nutraveris Online Data Solution (NOL DS).  With this user-friendly platform, you can rely on finding up to date information to develop and substantiate label claims for dietary supplements in the U.S. as well as see what your competitors are offering. NOL DS provides access to regulatory information, scientific data, and a product library with information and images for 57,000 U.S. dietary supplements, including product labels and facts panel information to help your R&D group develop products.

Featuring a demonstration of the platform as well as a Q & A session, this webinar provides an overview of the tools available with NOL DS and how they can be applied to support product development.

Benefits of NOL DS:

  • Easily access data: Our platform combines data and subject matter expertise. Leading regulatory experts validate each data, categorize them, and create high value's summaries.
  • Regulatory Status: Data summarized for over 1,500 U.S. ingredients (vitamins, minerals, herbals, substances, additives, ...) with regulatory status, direct access to the source texts, conditions of use, upper limits, information for ODI, NDI, GRAS, CFR, etc. Also available for the 27 countries in EU with regulatory status and health claims.
  • Scientific Data: Data from more than 58,000 scientific studies (in vitro, in vivo and clinical studies in humans), analyzed and summarized, aiming to help substantiate label claims
  • Marketing: A benchmark of 123,000 finished products for the main markets (over 57,000 products for the U.S. and almost 66,000 products for the main European markets including Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, and France), giving you the ability to analyze the formulation, communication, or positioning of your competitors.

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Meet Our Presenters:

Dr. Cédric Bourges

President - Nutraveris

In January 2006, Cédric created the consultancy Nutraveris and surrounded himself with numerous experts, experienced executives coming from industry, mastering various and complementary know-how (formulation, manufacturing processes, clinical studies, research, preparation of European files, regulatory affairs), or narrowly specialized and synergetic training (Pharmacist, Doctors in Physiopathology, Biochemistry engineers, Agro-food engineers, Master degree in Law and in Nutrition and Health, Dietitians).

Dr. Sophie Lafay

International Regulatory Data Manager - Nutraveris

Sophie has extensive experience with botanical companies. She was a scientific manager and director of research and development, working with Berkem and Naturex. After working for botanical ingredient companies, she started working developing dietary supplements. As part of the Nutraveris team since April 2020, she is responsible for international regulatory data.

Patricia Paugam

International Business Development Manager - Nutraveris

Patricia joined Nutraveris as International Business Development Manager in 2014 to accelerate international growth. She is multilingual and with her in-depth knowledge of customer issues and her mastery of regulatory framework, she guides companies around the world on a daily basis on the path to regulatory compliance to help them market their products in Europe and the U.S.

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