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How to Efficiently Comply with the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard (NBFDS)

Are you prepared to comply with the NBFDS?

Learn how to efficiently comply at this webinar.

Time is running out to comply with NBFDS regulations. As you’ve no doubt discovered, there are many complexities and nuances in the law that need to be considered. This as well as the resources required to comply are keeping many a manager up at night…

To address these issues and more, FoodChain ID hosted an informative webinar led by Technical Director, Anjali Gulati and Sr. Marketing Director Mark Cohen who discussed the evolution of the NBFDS, complexities of complying with the Standard, and prospective solutions to efficient and effective compliance, followed by a Q & A session.  

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Meet our Presenters:

Anjali Gulati, MS Biotechnology

Technical Services Director - FoodChain ID

Anjali Gulati, Technical Services Director at FoodChain ID, provides guidance to the industry on establishing compliance to the federal Bioengineered Food Disclosure standard as well as Non-GMO Verification and Certification Standards. She developed non-GMO review process guidelines for determining compliance to Non-GMO Verification using various compliance pathways including testing and supply chain documentation. She is active in training and standard revision processes and has assessed Non-GMO compliance for clients across every sector of the supply chain. With 21 years of professional experience, including founding director of a consulting firm, she has worked in areas of consulting, training and capacity building for companies, international organizations, non-profit organizations, government departments and other small target groups in the areas of Organic Farming, Bioresource Management, Biodynamic Technology, Business Incubation and Intellectual Property Rights Law.

Mark Cohen

Senior Marketing Director - FoodChain ID

Mark H. Cohen, Sr. Director, Marketing at FoodChain ID, is responsible for marketing strategy and execution for FoodChain ID’s stable of GMO Assessment Services which includes: NBFDS Compliance, Non-GMO Project Verification, USDA Organic Certification, and FoodChain ID’s own Vegan, Vegetarian and Plant-based Certification program. He is also responsible for channel marketing as well as public relations and communications for the firm. Mark has over 30 years of professional experience across the marketing, technology, digital media, finance, and food industries.

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