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Use inSYTE™ to trace individual supply chains and specific ingredients from Farm to Fork  and  Seed to Shelf

“inSYTE™ product and ingredient management is exactly what we needed for communicating the transparency of our supply chain to Retailers.”

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inSYTE™ Evaluators

The inSYTE™ evaluators are highly experienced and fully qualified to confidently conduct assessments on the food industry supply network.

inSYTE™ assessment can assist you to assess risks to your product and brand reputation.

inSYTE™ evaluator industry backgrounds include Food Quality, Audit, Food Technology and Trading Standards

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Registering Ingredients

Ingredients and sites can be submitted for evaluation and approval on inSYTE™.

Experienced Technical Evaluators will conduct comprehensive reviews on documents including Batch Traceability Certificates, Testing Results, Safety Datasheets, IP Claims and Food Safety Certifications

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Non-GMO Products

IP Non-GMO products can be registered on inSYTE™, where they will be evaluated.

Approved ingredients will be listed on inSYTE™, exposing the IP product to new markets.

Retailers and Manufacturers can use inSYTE™’s Non-GMO approved ingredient directory for sourcing products and checking compliance

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inSYTE™ – A Secure Technology Platform

Multi level security (incl. user level cross site scripting & default private supplier data)

Encrypted hourly backups

C#, MS SQL database, ASP.NET web framework

Uses the latest in cloud technology – making the system reliable, efficient and accessible

inSYTE™ uses a co-location strategy for our domain servers

Login and access inSYTE™ from anywhere in the world, 24/7

Sign up and go- no additional local software installation necessary

Supported by a ‘tried and tested’ systems architecture ie SupplyTrak©

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