Protect Your Supply Chain 

from Adulterants

Do you have two minutes to learn how to quickly and easily identify which food contaminants or other supply chain adulterants pose the biggest threats to your raw materials right now, and meet FSMA hazard identification requirements?

Watch the video below, complete the form, and we’ll introduce you to the HorizonScan food hazard identification system and a special year-end offer.

Supply chain risk control is not only a new FSMA requirement but is an important part of brand protection in today’s food safety environment. HorizonScan is a great resource to better understand where the risks are in your supply chain, and thus better manage those risks.

Dr. David Acheson

CEO of the Acheson Group & former Associate Commissioner for Foods at the US FDA

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HorizonScan enables you to mitigate supply chain risk by quick and easy identification of food safety hazards including food fraud, food and ingredient contaminants, physical hazards in food and ingredients, biological hazards in food and ingredients and more.

  • 500+ commodities tracked
  • 180+ countries of origin
  • 110+ global data sources
  • Dozens of new reports daily
  • Over 150k incident records
  • Over 33,000 suppliers
  • Customizable daily email alerts

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