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FoodChain ID Certification Non-GMO Standards
FoodChain ID Certification Technical Bulletin 4 – 16/05/09 Non-GMO

FoodChain ID Certification Testing Directive: GMO Soy, BPS-CV127-9
FoodChain ID Certification Technical Bulletin 5 – 16/05/27 Testing Directive

FoodChain ID Certification – Glyphosate Resistant GM Strains, Testing
FoodChain ID Certification Technical Bulletin 6 – 16/08/30

Non-GMO Standard (V6.2)
This Standard covers the procurement, production, handling, processing, storage, distribution, and labelling of foods and agricultural products of plant, animal, and microbial origin. This document sets out the following requirements to be met by organisations seeking certification status under this Standard:
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FoodChain ID Certification PCR Testing Protocol – INDIA – 6th March 2013
Following the concerted action to help certified clients exclude GMO cotton as a cross-contaminant in Indian Non-GMO soy lecithin, we are pleased to report that since our clients implemented the PCR testing protocols under Directive 4.0 in November 2011 we are pleased to advise you of an updated PCR testing protocol.
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ProTerra Standard (v3)
The ProTerra Standard is acknowledged as the B2B benchmark for social responsibility and environmental sustainability in the food industry.
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Comparison of ProTerra Standard V2.9 (PDF 1MB)

FoodChain ID Certification experts available for editorial comment
FoodChain ID Certification, the fastest growing independent certification body in Europe employs some of the food industry’s most respected experts, many involved with setting the agenda on food topics worldwide. FoodChain ID’s experts are available for telephone interviews, articles and comment on a range of subjects.

Information about the public consultations of upcoming audits of the RTRS Standard for Responsible Soy Production.

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