What is ISO 22000 Certification?

ISO 22000 is an international standard that defines the requirements of a food safety management system covering all sizes of all organizations throughout the food chain.

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ISO 22000:2018

In June 2018, ISO 22000:2018 was published. The 2018 version places a greater focus on risk-based thinking and is aligned to ISO’s high-level structure. The new ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems can deliver additional benefits to organizations of all sizes throughout the food chain:

  • improved control over food safety activities
  • customer, statutory and regulatory compliance
  • facilitated market growth
  • increased customer, stakeholder and consumer confidence in products
  • improved risk management
  • integration with other ISO management system

ISO 22000:2018 replaces ISO 22000:2005. Organizations certified to ISO 22000:2005 have three years from the date of publication to transition to the new version.

The benefits include:

  • Introducing internationally recognized processes to your business
  • Giving suppliers and stakeholders confidence in your hazard controls
  • Putting these hazard controls in place across your supply chain
  • Introducing transparency around accountability and responsibilities
  • Continually improving and updating your systems so it stays effective

ISO 22000 takes a whole chain approach to food safety, providing a standard that isn’t just for food processors, but goes all the way from the farm to the fork including packaging and ingredient suppliers, caterers, storage & distribution facilities, chemical and machinery manufacturers and can be applied to primary producers such as farms.

The ISO 22000 Standard details the requirements for the following:

  • Scope
  • Terms and Definitions
  • Context of the organization
  • Leadership
  • Planning
  • Support
  • Operation
  • Performance evaluation of the food safety management system
  • Improvement

The cost of ISO 22000 certification depends on many factors including the food chain category that the site falls in to i.e. food manufacturing, the number of HACCP plans and the number of employees. To take the first steps in becoming ISO 22000 certified, please contact our office so we can assess the requirements of your business.


ISO 22000 is a worldwide standard for food safety management. Manufacturers that are ISO 22000 certified can obtain full GFSI recognized FSSC 22000 certification by meeting the requirements of the technical specifications for sector PRPs and additional FSSC 22000 scheme requirements. When converting an ISO 22000 certification to FSSC 22000 certification, a full stage 1 and 2 audit will not be required to transfer the ISO 22000 part of the FSMS to FSSC 22000. The transition audit can be combined with a scheduled ISO 22000-surveillance audit or recertification audit which must be performed at the premises of the organization.

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