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FoodChain ID Certification Solutions is a provider of food safety consulting and training services in partnership with ACET Global Consulting LLC. We provide supply chain businesses in the food and beverage industry with practical and effective support for the development, implementation and maintenance of food safety programs that enhance reliability and optimize operations.

Through our partner ACET Global Consulting, FoodChain ID Certification Solutions offers public and on site courses to meet a variety of learning needs applicable to GFSI-recognized certification programs and U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) regulations.

On site courses covering a wide range of topics are taught by our food industry experts who tailor course content to meet your company’s unique food safety needs through a practical, hands-on approach.  We incorporate specific examples in the training as they relate to your facility and teach industry best practices applicable to your supply chain sector. On site courses may be delivered in English or Spanish depending upon your company’s needs.

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In partnership with ACET Global Consulting, FoodChain ID Certification Solutions offers training courses provided by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and Safe Quality Foods Institute (SQFI) for development and implementation of a GFSI-recognized certification program.

ACET Global Consulting associates are recognized BRC Approved Training Partners (ATPs) and currently conduct training for the following BRC courses.

  • BRC Global Standard for Food Safety (Food – issue 7; all courses including Third Party Auditor course)
  • BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution (S&D – issue 3; Introduction and Understanding the Requirements courses)
  • BRC Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) course
  • BRC Hazard Analysis and Risk-based Preventive Controls (HARPC) course
  • Internal auditor course (applicable to all BRC Global Standards)
  • Risk assessment course
  • Root cause analysis course
  • Validation and verification course

FoodChain ID Certification Solutions and ACET Global Consulting are licensed SQF Training Centers offering courses developed by SQFI, including

  • Implementing SQF Systems (entry-level course for individuals interested in learning about the SQF program)
  • SQF Quality Systems for Food Manufacturing (course for quality and technical personnel preparing to implement the SQF Quality Code or update their program to edition 8 requirements)
  • Advanced Practitioner (course for site-designated SQF practitioners focused on improving and maintaining their site’s SQF system)

Are you ready to get started with BRC or SQF certification or in need of conversion training? Contact us to learn about upcoming public courses for your scheme or availability for on site training.

FoodChain ID Certification Solutions recommends that one or more persons from a food operation subject to FSMA Preventive Controls regulation receive FDA-recognized Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI) training.

While GFSI-recognized certification programs each have specific food safety training requirements for individuals developing and implementing a site’s food safety management system, the training is not specific to the unique requirements of FSMA regulation.

ACET Global Consulting associates are Lead Instructors for Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance (FSPCA) courses, which are courses developed in partnership with the FDA to satisfy training requirements of new U.S. food regulations.

Through FoodChain ID Certification Solutions, ACET Global Consulting offers instruction in the following FSPCA courses:

  • Preventive Controls for Human Food
  • Preventive Controls for Animal Food
  • Foreign Supplier Verification Program

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ACET Global Consulting associates have expertise developing, implementing and maintaining HACCP-based food safety management systems across industry sectors. Through FoodChain ID Certification Solutions, ACET consultants are readily available to conduct gap assessments paired with education and training. This service can help your company quickly identify gaps and correct deficiencies in your food safety program when seeking certification to a GFSI-recognized scheme.


ACET associates also provide training and consultation in food defense, environmental monitoring and food labelling to support regulatory compliance and expanded requirements in these areas across new versions of GFSI-benchmarked standards.  For food defense, ACET Global Consulting proudly partners with the Global Food Defense Institute (GFDI) to provide a broad range of consultation, education and training services to help sites assess security threats, identify vulnerable areas and implement effective mitigation measures to protect products against terrorism, crime, natural disasters, and other potential threats.

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Joan Moeller, FoodChain ID Certification Solution VP Business Development

Ron Vail, ACET Global Consulting, LLC President

Luisa Tapia, ACET Global Consulting, LLC Associate

Disclaimer: Services are offered through FoodChain ID Certification Solutions by ACET Global Consulting, LLC. All training and consultation services provided by FoodChain ID Certification Solutions are conducted separately from FoodChain ID Certification LC to protect against conflict of interest for accredited certification.

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