Food Safety Starts with Management Commitment

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CERT ID White Paper Series-Issue 1-Series 7-Food Safety Starts with Management Commitment

Management commitment is not only the core of a successful and effective food safety management system, but it is increasingly becoming an area of assessment for inspectors and third-party auditors due to the critical role food safety leadership plays in protecting public health.

food safety culture reflects the organization’s values and beliefs towards food safety and shapes the attitudes and actions of employees with respect to implementing and maintaining safe food practices. The single most important factor in shaping a company’s food safety culture is senior management’s commitment to producing safe food as mid-level managers, supervisors, and employees look to senior executives for leadership and goals.

This white paper reviews the following:

  • Food safety culture types and attributes
  • Food safety behavior examples
  • How to build a food safety culture
  • GFSI requirements for management commitment

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