Baby Food Standard & Certification

A Baby Food Council Initiative

In July 2020, the Baby Food Council resolved to establish a Baby Food Standard and Certification Program to incentivize the reduction of heavy metals in baby food products to as low as reasonably achievable while preserving and/or not having any adverse impact on beneficial nutrients. This program will certify baby food products that comply with the Standard; and provide a logo and supporting materials to enable consumers to identify certified products.

All companies that source ingredients, manage the upstream supply chain, and nationally market foods for children six to 24 months of age in the United States, as well as supporting stakeholders including those involved in science and research, regulatory aspects, consumer advocacy, and other perspectives are welcome to participate in the Council. The Council is also actively seeking stakeholders (regardless of interest in joining the Council) to participate in the development of the Standard.

The Baby Food Council has commissioned FoodChain ID to facilitate the development of the Standard through a transparent, multi-stakeholder development process.

The Standard will:

  • Guide continual improvement of production practices across the value chain
  • Be supported by rigorous scientific research and analytical testing of products to assure performance
  • Assure that operations meet performance expectations through a rigorous certification process

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Organizational Structure

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