COVID 19 Updates


Where possible and allowable, we are still conducting onsite inspections.  SQF has a means in place to defer certification due to extenuating circumstances, so audits affected by mandated travel restrictions or company visitor policy restrictions may request a 3-month extension.

  • All requests for extensions must be submitted by the CB so please contact your SQF Coordinator if an extension is needed.
  • Your SQF Coordinator will complete the extension request for you.  Information needed will include:
    • Facility Name as shown in ReposiTrak
    • Facility ID as shown in ReposiTrak
    • Original certification expiration date
    • Current recertification audit date
    • Requested change date
    • Requested change – temporary audit window change (Coronavirus)
    • Reason for change – explanation of restrictions or policy changes affecting the facility
  • Only sites that are within 30 days from the certification audit date are permitted to request an extension.
  • SQF will review each request and provide a response within 48 hours.

Initial document review (desk) audits will continue as planned if already scheduled to be performed remotely.  The initial site visit dates can be pushed out up to one year from the desk audit so there is no need to request a formal extension, although the site visit dates may need to be moved.  Please contact your Coordinator within 30 days of the site visit if it needs to be postponed.  Onsite document review (desk) audits may be pushed out until restrictions are no longer in effect.

SQF has compiled background information, a preparedness checklist, resources and more to support the food industry:

  • Link to COVID-19 updates for SQF certified sites:
  • Link to SQF Coronavirus resources:  This resource page is a guide for Coronavirus and Preparedness for the Food Industry specifically designed to help food retailers, wholesalers and suppliers undertake the necessary contingency planning to prepare for a pandemic.  It is intended to be useful for any type of pandemic including influenza, Coronavirus (officially known as COVID-19), or any other infectious disease outbreak.