More Peanut Butter Products Recalled

On May 20, Jif announced a recall due to salmonella contamination that had sickened multiple people in a dozen states and hospitalized several. The initial recall included 49 products. Later in May the US FDA issued five additional recalls linked to Jif who is owned by parent company JM Smucker Co. The salmonella outbreak was traced to a facility in Kentucky. Because Jif peanut butter is used in several brands of snack trays and salmonella can transfer between surfaces, there are new products added to the recall.  Additionally, candy and confectionery manufacturers who use this brand of peanut butter in their products are also issuing voluntary recalls as are retailers who use the peanut butter in store-made pies and cakes. Today Disney World confirmed that they will temporarily cease use of Jif peanut butter in many of their offerings such as fudge and ice cream toppings.

Our Food Recalls and Outbreaks Overview displays a list of event in a convenient format (xls file) – sample file: Food_Safety_Report_September_2021

Posted on 7 June 2022