How to Attain USDA Organic LPO Compliance

If you sell organic products in Mexico, you have until January 1, 2022 to comply with the Mexican Organic Products Regulation (LPO). To comply, all organic product imported to and destined to be sold in Mexico must be certified by a SADER/SENASICA approved Certification Body, such as AgriCert Mexico. Our webinar reviewed the requirements that must be met in order to sell your product(s) with the organic label in Mexico.


  • The history of and an overview of the LPO
  • The requirements that must be met to sell your product(s) with the organic label in Mexico
  • Solutions for achieving effective and efficient LPO compliance 

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Manuel Rodriguez Luengo

General Manager, AgriCert MX

Manuel is an agricultural engineer specializing in plant breeding. He started his career in food safety certifications in 2007, specialzing in organic certifications for Bioagricert Italy – a FoodChain ID company. In 2012 Manuel became the director of the Agricert MX where his primary focus is getting companies organic certified in Mexico. Manuel was a member of the national council of organic production of SENASICA from 2015-2019.

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