LIDL’s own brand milk gets the VLOG certification

LIDL’s own brand milk gets the VLOG certification

Much to FoodChain ID Certification’s liking, Lidl says it is leading the charge in the private label shift to GM free milk in Germany.

Its own band fresh milk, Milbona, has been certified against the German Ministry for Food and Agriculture supported non-GMO label, Ohne Gentechnik (OH).

The OG certification scheme is run by the German Association of Food without Genetic Engineering (VLOG).

Lidl is the first German supermarket chain to get the accreditation for private label milk.

VLOG membership is predominantly for and recognised by the German market, and controls the ‘Ohne Gentechnik’ product seal.

With Germany seeking to import many food products from the UK (in particular dairy, pork and feed), ensuring that your products have the VLOG mark is sure to give your company the competitive edge against others.

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