FoodChain ID Certification was founded in 1999 to meet the needs of agricultural, food and retail businesses seeking a certification service to determine the presence of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food products. FoodChain ID Certification has grown strongly since then and is now a recognized leader in providing inspection and certification services in the non-GMO, sustainability, nutrition and food safety sectors. With offices located in North and South America, Asia and across Europe, FoodChain ID Certification is strongly positioned to provide inspection, certification and verification services to customers around the world.

With over 15,000 customers, our services help businesses meet compliance and safety requirements in the retail, feed, food and agriculture industries. Our experience is demonstrated by the awards received in the past, such as the prestigious BRCGS Certification Body of the Year award given to our selected offices and the BRCGS CEO Award.

Furthermore, we are the certification body of choice for ProTerra, the main sustainability standard of the ProTerra Foundation, an independent non-profit organization based in the Netherlands.

Whether you are a small or large company and your needs relate to food safety, sustainability, organic, non-GMO or “free from”, FoodChain ID Certification is ready to help.

You can get in touch with us by consulting the contact section for more information.