About inSYTE™

inSYTE™ is a global ingredient and product management platform that facilitates a transparent, traceable global supply network.

Individual supply chains and specific ingredients can be traced from “Farm to Fork” and “Seed to Shelf” using inSYTE™’s cloud based online technology platform.

Our team of  technical assessors have a wealth of industry experience, and are fully qualified to conduct technical reviews on testing results, batch traceability certificates, safety datasheets, food safety certifications and other documents submitted to support applications.

inSYTE™ is available to Retailers, Suppliers, Growers, Importers, Exporters, Finished Food Manufacturers, Traders, Agents and Brokers.

By utilising inSYTE™ tools you can ensure your company complies to industry regulations on product traceability and supply chain monitoring.

You can also simplify your Due Diligence review (for audit or commercial purposes) by using data on your complete supply network, stored on inSYTE™’s secure servers

If your business stores or transforms a product/ ingredient with a GMO risk, you should have an account on inSYTE™. inSYTE™ encourages full supply chain transparency, so if you’re a link in the chain, find out which account you need.

Please contact us or pricing plans.

Food industry businesses can be complicated- especially if you’re an Agent/ Broker. You may not know which inSYTE™ account to choose. To ensure you get the best functionality from inSYTE™ that gives your business an advantage from the beginning, please contact us and we’ll set you on the right track.

inSYTE™ is supported by the FoodChain ID’s dominant expertise in the food and feed industry. Expertise includes ingredient and product management, food industry consultancy, certification, testing and training.

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For more than two decades, FoodChain ID has been at the vanguard of the New Food industry, providing expertise worldwide to navigate the requirements of an increasingly regulated food economy and technical services to support the demand for clean label standards.

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